Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Practice Areas do you currently support?

A: Currently 20, but the list might grow if enough requests come in.



Q: What makes this site different from the other Legal Directories?

A: Before I answer this question, lets review why someone would even go on a legal directory in the first place. Because they need a lawyer now or in the near future. So they are looking for information that can help them make a clear decision. Now most if not all  Legal Directories only give the law firm a single page that contains just some basic information.  what good is that. They need to make a decision and these big directories do give the end-user the information they need.  That’s why CDLL was created in the first place.  If you’re looking for a lawyer to handle as an example, Cocaine Possession charge, you are taken to the listings of lawyers that can handle that type of case, with details of how they  handle these type of cases, not just having “drug Crimes” listed under their practice areas.

With us you are redirected directly to their Drug Crimes page, which have 500 – 1000 words of why you should use them and how the might be able to help.

To see a sample of a lawyers pages, please follow the links below;


Q: What type of marketing features does CDLL offer, which can’t be found in other Legal Directories?

A: We have several features all geared towards helping you get more clients, not found anywhere else. Some of these feature have additional charges;

  • Translation feature, gives the end-user the ability to view the listing in another language, other than English
  • Integration into Social Media with Share Buttons for Facebook, Twitter
  • Share with a friend. Perfect for someone doing research for a friend. They can email your information directly from the CDLL site to their friend
  • Add to Your Contacts allows the end-user to click a button and have your contact information file downloaded on their computer. From there they can install that file into Outlook, import it into Gmail and a host of other Contact applications.
  • Tracker feature. After a user views several lawyers, they have the ability to click a link and have all the the lawyers they viewed during that session emailed to them. This is a great feature so they don’t have to searching again, because they have direct links to the lawyers page on CDLL
  • Online chat functionality.  When an end-user is looking at a lawyers page(s) they have the ability to chat with someone in the law firm, if they are available
  • Talking heads. This a video, which can be tailored to each of the lawyers practice areas to talk for 30-60 seconds about your law firm